Mini-MOAT, international transfers of wealth… and $10 trillion to the winners of next week’s Sowell Cup

Posted: April 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Sowellians began their class today with a mini-MOAT… the final test of their 17-week journey into econ.  Although the test was rich with written questions, smiles abounded from most of our budding economists.

We then motored through international transfers of wealth.  We learned that wealth (goods and services) can move across national borders in several major ways: deposits in banks, direct investment in businesses, remittances, foreign aid, imperialism and purchase of bonds.

Awaiting each Sowell Cup winner... lots of money, but is it wealth?

Awaiting each Sowell Cup winner… lots of money, but is it wealth?

That completed, we then announced the highlight of the semester: the 2014 Sowell Cup Economics Slam Down.  Each of the four teams — Invisible Hands, Physiocrats, Laffer Curves and Zero Summers — held their organization meetings.

During the next seven days, all Sowellians will be burning the midnight oil, furiously cramming in hopes of each winning $10 trillion and the honor of hoisting the prestigious Sowell Cup.

Lastly, we all took on assignments for the lunch after our final class next week.  They include:

Sarah S: fruit
Bethany: Greek yogurt
Sophie: Donuts
Mason: Chips
Davis: chocolate chip cookies
Brendon: drinks
Michael: Greek yogurt
Gabriel: Drinks
Giselle: Salad
Kyrsta: Bacon
Matthew: Doritos
Lucy: Brownies
Mr. G: World-famous ham biscuits
Those I missed: we could use more side dishes!

Here’s the PPT from today.  Week 16, April 29


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